BEAT WS 1-2021 will be held on 26 August

An expert Workshop on the HELCOM Integrated biodiversity assessment tool (BEAT) will be held online on 26 August 2021, 10-17 EEST. This Meeting will be an online Joint Workshop with HELCOM experts organized by the HELCOM BLUES and Baltic Data Flow projects.

The Workshop will aim to bring together relevant experts to get a deeper understanding of the BEAT tool, the ultimate goal being an improved and functional integrated biodiversity assessment for the Third Holistic Assessment of the Baltic Sea (HOLAS III) and beyond. The workshop will more particularly be focused on:

  1. Presentation of the current BEAT tool with current integrated indicators;
  2. Discussion on each ecosystem component to address open issues (cf. document 4J-84 submitted to
    STATE & CONSERVATION 14-2021) and any other relevant issues raised (e.g. comparability with MSFD
    Article 8 Guidance);
  3. Planning the next steps for further developments for the use of BEAT in HOLAS III (e.g. Endorsement at STATE & CONSERVATION 15-2021, etc.).

More information is available at the HELCOM Meeting Portal site.