CG FOODWEB 1-2021 will be held 15-16 April

The First Meeting of the HELCOM Correspondence Group on Food webs (CG FOODWEB 1-2021) will be held online on 15-16 April 2021. This Meeting will be an online Joint Scoping Event between CG FOODWEB and the HELCOM BLUES Project (Activity 2).

The Scoping Event will function as the starting point for the newly established CG FOODWEB to commence working to:
1) Identify, collate and summarize existing Food Web information from the Baltic Sea region with relevance for status assessment;
2) Suggest how existing information can be utilized in the HOLAS III report (e.g. quantitative, qualitative, test cases);
3) Produce an assessment of Food Webs in the Baltic Sea for the HOLAS III report (descriptive report that is data driven, where possible, and reflects any limitations via a confidence in the assessment);
4) Based on experiences from points 1-3, propose viable and best options for longer term development towards an optimal assessment of food webs in the Baltic Sea post HOLAS III (taking into account available knowledge, data and other relevant factors).

The planned work of the correspondence group will be closely integrated with the work carried out under the
BLUES Project.

More information is available at the HELCOM Meeting Portal site.