CG FOODWEB 2-2021 will be held on 27 May

The Second Meeting of the HELCOM Correspondence Group on Food webs (CG FOODWEB 2-2021) will be held online on 27 May 2021. This Meeting will be an online Joint Event between CG FOODWEB and the HELCOM BLUES Project (Activity 2).

Based on the steps identified by CG FOODWEB 1-2021 (cf. Outcome, Annex 2), this second Meeting will be
focused on the different methods available to assess food webs and to discuss the best options for HOLAS III as well as for long-term development.

In the long-term, CG FOODWEB aims to fill gaps in knowledge identified for the Third HELCOM Holistic
Assessment of the Baltic Sea Environment (HOLAS III), and improve the future assessment and understanding of food webs in the Baltic Sea.

More information is available at the HELCOM Meeting Portal site.