HOLAS3-BLUES-BDF BEAT 2-2022 will be held on 7 March and 11 March

This Targeted Assessment Methodology Workshop for HOLAS 3 on the HELCOM Integrated biodiversity assessment tool (BEAT), HOLAS3/BLUES/BDF BEAT 2 -2022 will be held online on 7 March and 11 March 2022, 10-17 EET. This event will be a joint Workshop involving the HELCOM experts as well as participants from the HELCOM BLUES and Baltic Data Flow projects.

This Workshop will be divided into three specific thematic sessions, focused on:

  1. Fish and waterbirds (7 March)
  2. Marine mammals (11 March)

This Workshop will be focused on solving any remaining open issues, to review latest proposals on the
integrated assessment of marine mammals, waterbirds and fish (non-commercial/coastal) for HOLAS 3, and to recommend the optimal assessment for HOLAS 3. The participants will be invited to discuss the methodology for HOLAS 3 and the workshop outcome is expected to result in a clear regional proposal on the approach (i.e. integrated or overall assessment of these biota groups).

More information is available at the HELCOM Meeting Portal site.