Results and resources

Project reports and documents

Final report

Activity 5 – Project Coordination

Activity 4 – Underwater noise

Activity 3 – Marine litter

Activity 2 – Biodiversity

Activity 1 – Effectiveness and measures

Final summary presentation

Three videos produced by the BLUES Project

What are HELCOM indicators?
Economic and social analyses of the Baltic Sea
Why create holistic assessments of the Baltic Sea?

New developed indicator website

Link to the new developed indicator website under HELCOM BLUES project

Indicator Fact Sheet

The indicator fact sheets contain a brief overview on the newly developed indicators for beach litter, coninuous noise and impulsive noise.

Visual identity guideline

The visual identity guideline contains information about how to use the logo, the project colours (including colour codes), fonts and icons.



More templates are available on the Teams site (internal).


Media pack

Calendar of HELCOM BLUES project events

Microsoft Teams user guides and info

HELCOM BLUES uses Microsoft Teams as its internal communication and file sharing platform. Here are some tips and resources on how to use the tool.